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          Bone marrow concentrator is used for the non-structure bone grafting to gain more bone-formation bioactivity. Especially for the surgery that require large quantity of bone graft material, such like thoracolumbar posterior lateral fusion. By extracting a small amount of bone marrow from the patient during operation, surgeons can build the bone graft material with a higher bone-formation bioactivity in a very short time. 详情>>
          Orthopeadic external fixation system is specially designed multi holes clamps, carbon fiber connecting rods, rod-to-rod clamp, pin-to-rod clamp, adjustable connect and semi-circular curved rod used for the management of bone fractures and reconstructive, as well as corrective, orthopedic surgery. Materials used include metal alloys, plastic and carbon fiber. An external fixation system is a modular system. The system is designed to provide options in frame construction, and offer a portable and reliable solution . 详情>>
          1.Joint replacement of the orthopedics, all the type of Internal fracture fixation;2.Cleansing and debridement of wounds for emergency3.Irrigation during the surgical procedures;4.Irrigation during general surgical procedures for department of general surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, thoracic surgery  and urinary surgery;5.Cleansing and debridement of burns 详情>>
          Use for wound care and drainage of skin and soft tissues.  详情>>