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            Orthopeadic external fixation system

            产品简介  Introduction

            Orthopeadic external fixation system is specially designed multi holes clamps, carbon fiber connecting rods, rod-to-rod clamp, pin-to-rod clamp, adjustable connect and semi-circular curved rod used for the management of bone fractures and reconstructive, as well as corrective, orthopedic surgery. Materials used include metal alloys, plastic and carbon fiber. An external fixation system is a modular system. The system is designed to provide options in frame construction, and offer a portable and reliable solution .

            使用方法   use

            1.      Inspect the device for overall condition and physical integrity. Do not use the device if any damage is noted, return the device to Chongqing FWS medical device Co.,Ltd. if it is not in acceptable condition for surgery.

            2.       Open the inner packaging and take out the devices.

            3.      Sterilziation






              Autoclaving sterilization



            min   30 minutes

            0.1~0.15  MPa


            4.      Unless otherwise noted, Chongqing FWS medical device Co.,Ltd. external fixation components are provided NON-STERILE. All NON-STERILE components must be properly sterilized following the recommended sterilization procedures:

            5.      Use the pins / screws that are compatible with the external fixation system being used. FWS Orthopeadic external fixation system does not provide pins / screws.

            6.      Place the components to be used in a sterile work area using aseptic technique.

            7.      Consider preliminary frame assembly to shorten the procedure.

            8.      Verify if the product supply is sufficient to complete the intended procedure.

            9.      Follow a suitable orthopedic surgery protocol.

            10.  Securely fasten all components.

            产品特点  Product features

            1) three dimensional fixation system, modular design, free choice of  assembly according to individual circumstances, user friendly

            2) application of the new high performance materials PEEK (poly ether-ether-ketone) and carbon fiber, make the frame light and tough. Great radio-transparency , increasing the range of surgical field.

            3) single side stand, with ball-socket connection, increased range of motion and good prevention of joint stiffness

            产品规格  Product features




            适用范围  Product features

            ·         Grade II-III open fractures of the limbs.

            ·         Infected fractures, multiple fractures, certain type of closed fractures, and fractures combined with burns

            ·         Limb replantation and fracture with vascular and nerve injury

            ·         Supplementary fixation for non rigid internal fixation

            ·         Arthrodesis