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              1. Now Position : Home > Product>Disposable medical vacuum sealing drainage device
                Disposable medical vacuum sealing drainage device

                产品简介  Introduction

                Use for wound care and drainage of skin and soft tissues.


                使用方法   use

                1.   Disinfect the wound and dry the skin around the wound

                2.   Unpack the foam sponge. Shape the sponge to fit the wound. Suture the sponge to the skin if necessary.

                3.   Insert the drainage-tube into the foam sponge.

                4.   Covered the sponge and the wound with medical membrane.

                5.   Use 3 pass joint to connect the drainage-tubes into one or two drainage exit.

                6.   Connect the drainage exit to drainage bottle and vacuum resource. Adjust the vacuum to meet the clinical requirement and keep suction.

                7.   Observe the compression of the sponge and situation inside the drainage-tube. Deal the leakage and keep the wound sealed.

                产品特点  Product features

                产品规格  Product features

                适用范围  Product features

                Use for wound care and drainage of skin and soft tissues.